[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth v0.11.0 released

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sun Oct 2 14:50:19 UTC 2016


Plinth v0.11.0 has been released, and is now available in Debian
unstable. It should appear in testing in about 3 days.

One major change in this release is that the XMPP web client, JWChat,
has been replaced by JSXC. This one has a more modern appearance, and is
being actively maintained.

We have also added a "front page" to Plinth, that has shortcuts to
enabled web apps, and displays information about enabled services.
Please try out these new features and share any feedback that you have.

Here are some more changes included in this release:

 * Added loading icon for additional busy operations.
 * networks: Add batctl as dependency, required for batman-adv mesh networking.
 * users:
   * Fixed checking restricted usernames.
   * Display error message if unable to set SSH keys.
   * Flush nscd cache after user operations to avoid some types of errors.
 * monkeysphere:
   * Adopted to using SHA256 fingerprints.
   * Sort items for consistent display.
   * Handle new uid format of gpg2.
   * Fixed handling of unavailable imported domains.
 * minetest: Fixed showing status block and diagnostics.
 * Fixed stretched favicon.
 * Switched base template from container-fluid to container. This will narrow the content area for larger displays.
 * Plinth is now able to run as "plinth" user instead of root user.
 * ikiwiki: Allow only alphanumerics in wiki/blog name to avoid invalid paths.

Finally, repro (SIP server) is back in Debian testing now, and should be
installable again.

Thanks everyone!


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