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Mon Oct 10 18:18:16 UTC 2016

Am Montag, den 10.10.2016, 17:39 +0000 schrieb dgj+lists at systemli.org:
> > Also if someone is looking to contribute, we can help them find an 
> > appropriate task.
> I was unable to attend the hack call but would be interested in 
> contributing to the FBX manual. What is the etiquette for doing so? As a 
> non-SysAdmin, does it do more harm to contribute and potentially get 
> something (slightly) wrong than not to contribute? I take extensive 
> notes of what does and doesn't work as a user and would be happy to give 
> back to this community by sharing what has worked for me in getting 
> things working.
> Best,
> DJ

That was also my start, to put my notes on installing and using the Box
in the Wiki. I think this is very important input.

The manual is based on the wiki, if you have a debian wiki account, you
can start working on it. It provides a history, so that anyone can
polish your changes afterwards, so there is no risk. 

We have a todo list for the manual here:

The pages per app should follow a certain structure:

The level of completeness of the pages is very varying So there is still
a lot to do. The target reader is a FreedomBox user without deep
understanding of Linux and Debian. Therefore, e.g. I started to put some
topics that require SSH in a separate chapter called "advanced user". 

Have fun
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