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Sat Sep 10 11:19:07 UTC 2016

Specifically, these are the configuration questions in abbreviated form. 
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Step (1): I select yes.

"Configure database for tt-rss with dbconfig-common?"


Step (2): Which should I choose: new host or localhost? (I selected 
localhost and went to the next steps.)

"Please select the remote hostname to use, or select "new host" to enter 
a new host.

Host name of the PostgreSQL database server for tt-rss:

new host

Step (3): Via the Plinth interface the password was the same as for 
Plinth. Should I use that here? (I tried that.)

"Please provide a password for tt-rss to register with the database 
server. If left blank, a random password will be generated.

If you are using "ident" authentication, the supplied password will not 
be used and can be left blank. Otherwise, PostgreSQL access may need to 
be reconfigured to allow password-authenticated access.

PostgreSQL application password for tt-rss:"

Step (4): I assume apache2.

"Please choose the web server that should be automatically configured to 
run Tiny Tiny RSS.

Web server to reconfigure automatically:

[*] apache2
[ ] lighttpd"

Step (5): Should this be e.g., https://name.freedombox.rocks/tt-rss? If 
not, what should I put here?

"Please enter the URL that should be used to access tt-rss with a web 

Full URL of the tt-rss installation:"

Thank you!

Am 2016-09-10 10:42, schrieb dgj+lists at systemli.org:
> Hi,
> I have been updating my FreedomBox manually via ssh. During the last
> update I was asked some configuration settings for tt-rss. Not knowing
> what to do I accidentally reconfigured tt-rss such that it does not
> work any more. I removed and reinstalled tt-rss from the command line
> but I do not know what settings (e.g., "host name of the postgresql
> server" etc.) are necessary to get it working again. Would anyone be
> willing to help?
> Also, it would be nice to be able to remove and reinstall packages
> from the Plinth interface, and not just disable them.
> Thanks!
> DJ
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