[Freedombox-discuss] tt-rss update problem

heynmoeller heynmoeller at gmx.net
Mon Sep 12 16:04:35 UTC 2016

Hello DJ,

after the last auto update of tt-rss on 04.09.2016 php-gettext was auto
I just reinstalled php-gettext manually, now tt-rss is working again.

This issue happens once in may

Looks like we have a dependency problem with the new tt-rss package again.

Am 12.09.2016 um 17:42 schrieb dgj+lists at systemli.org:
> Thank you, James and Petter!
> I removed (and purged) and reinstalled once again following this advice
> and get the same thing as before, a blank screen when logging into
> mydomain.freedombox.rocks/tt-rss.

> Following the example in the configuration I put
> http://mydomain.freedombox.rocks/tt-rss here, although I use https only.
> Stupid question: should I put https://... instead?
> Any other ideas? It is not urgent but it would be nice to get it working
> again.
Yes login via ssh and install php-gettext manually via apt
> Thank you for your help!
> DJ

hope this helps

(fbx 0.9 i386 debian stretch)

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