[Freedombox-discuss] Social networking component?

freedombox at ikmaak.nl freedombox at ikmaak.nl
Sun Apr 9 08:27:13 UTC 2017

Hi Rick,

Thank you for your input, I would be very interested in your ideas, and
more of the FBX community likely is.

Jonas is sometimes a bit too direct in his way of speaking, but in the
end he is a very knowledgeable part of our community. He might not be
the easiest to talk to, but there are others in the community that are
willing to work with you on your ideas, and that are able to communicate
a bit easier. In the end you might find the most unexpected parts of a
community are the best people to work with to get things done.

The point he (arguably bluntly) made is still valid though, if there are
no secrets discussed in the mail, it is best to get the whole community
into it, rather than just speaking to one individual, especially to
prevent issues like this.

Some people are better suited to speaking with others than others, and
while I know Jonas likely means well, his comments can be quite blunt,
without him even trying. But as I said, even though there are people
that have different styles of speaking, they can still be valuable
members of the group, just like not only programmers are needed for a
well maintained open source project.

So thank you for the time spent on writing your mail, and thank you
Jonas, for trying to keep the community "in the loop".

I hope this clears the air, and makes it possible for ideas to keep
flowing in a positive atmosphere.



Rick schreef op 09-04-17 om 02:18:
> Oh.  Maybe when you referred to my "precious" email it was a typo?

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