[Freedombox-discuss] pam-abl: BDB0060 PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery

DJ dgj+lists at systemli.org
Sun Apr 30 18:46:00 UTC 2017


Perhaps someone here can help me here. I can only log into my FBX using
ssh with a public key, since password authentication consistently times out.

Moreover, when logged in I cannot run commands as sudo. I get the
following error after several seconds: "pam-abl: BDB0060 PANIC: fatal
region error detected; run recovery"

I found this bug report, which may be relevant:

> I have ended up in a situation where the pam_abl database is corrupt.  I assume this is after unclean shutdowns due to power outages etc. The results of this is that Apache start print the following error message in its error log: "BDB0060 PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery".  The log keeps growing and leads to all disk space being used up.  Several services then fail to start and the box is no longer accessible.
> The work around was to remove the pam-abl databases from /var/lib/abl/*.

However, removing pam-abl databases is not possible for me, since I
cannot run any commands as superuser.

Unfortunately, I do not have local access to the FBX.

Any suggestions for how to solve this problem?


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