[Freedombox-discuss] Using Freedombox with a normal router

Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi valhalla-d at trueelena.org
Fri Aug 4 09:45:16 UTC 2017

On 2017-08-02 at 23:56:52 +0200, Yoel Koenka wrote:
> Isn't it a security issue, connecting my freedombox to my router?
> Most of the recommended hardware include only one ethernet port, so you
> have to connect your modem to a router and the freedombox connects to this
> router, like your own PC.
> My question is, isn't it a potential security breach? For all we know, the
> router could send copies of our safely encrypted messages without any of
> the security offered by Freedombox.

I don't see how this is going to be significantly different from the
modem (usually very much not free hardware) being able to send our
messages elsewhere, or even worse the ISP equipement doing so (not free
hardware and not under our control either).

Yes, the router *could* do so by connecting to somebody else's wifi and
bypassing our modem / internet connection, but that would be quite a
strange way to do mass surveillance when there are lots of easier ways
to try earlier.

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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