[Freedombox-discuss] Problems with Raspberry Pi2 image on RPi3? (Also, tips for install-parties)

Johannes Keyser johanneskeyser at posteo.de
Tue Aug 8 20:30:42 UTC 2017

Dear all,

During yesterday's FreedomBox installfest at SHA2017.org, several
people encountered problems installing on an RPi3: No apparent
response (no flashing of green LED during boot), except for the
testing image, freedombox-testing-nonfree_2017-02-02_raspberry2-armhf.img.
Can anyone contradict this observation, e.g. with successful install
of freedombox-stable-nonfree_2017-07-17_raspberry2-armhf.img?
(Assuming this should be possible. I have no RPi3 to test it myself.)

Other than this, the event was well received: About 10 people turned
up, despite our short notice announcement. Some went indeed away with a
fresh install, but there also was unforeseen friction in many cases.
So with 20:20 hindsight, for those who'd like to organize such an
event in the future, here some advice.
Many people struggled with finding, downloading, and flashing the
(correct) image - and our audience were veterans of the command line.
The next big hurdle is how to connect to the freedombox with
your laptop. We had a switch in place, but some reverted to setting up
an DHCP on their laptopt and connected via direct "cross-over" Ethernet.
Hence consider 1) to download the common (i.e. RPi 2 or 3) images
beforehand and offer them on USB sticks or on a local server, and
maybe 2) run a local DHCP server (and help people figure out their MAC
addresses to identify their box). Also offer the option of a virtual
machine install - some are mainly interested in testing the web UI,
and run Debian since decades.
Finally, it's a good idea to summarize the key websites and installation
steps on a handout sheet. Never rely on the Internet during such an
event :).


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