[Freedombox-discuss] Does the software part of Freedombox be used without maintenance?

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Sun Aug 20 15:38:31 UTC 2017


I was told by someone involved in Debian, that Debian installations with
automatic upgrades enabled would have very low probability of having
things broken providing that:
- Debian stable is used
- No external repositories are used

However take that with a grain of salt because I'm not a Debian expert,
so I could have misunderstood something.

As I understand, Freedombox is Debian pure blend (everything is in

If we forget about hardware issues:
- Is the software supposed to be robust enough to be used without
- Can technical users shoot themselves in the foot by altering
  configurations like /etc/ssh/sshd (for instance to disable password
  based logins). Here I assume that such users are capable enough to
  do modifications that do work, and test them, and I am rather
  wondering if, with the automatic upgrades it's supposed not to break.

Hardware wise microSD are not that reliable[1], but I don't see it as
something that cannot be coped with, especially when:
- Many of the supported hardware can boot from SPI flash, NAND, or
  eMMC[2], which are more reliable.
- In the worst case scenario, only the bootloader needs to reside on
  the microSD.

[1]"Ultimately, however, every card I’ve encountered eventually corrupts
   the filesystem after enough cycles, it’s just a matter of how
   long." from: http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=2297
[2]- The APU.1D and APU.1D4 boot by default from the SPI flash and can
     handle SATA HDD/SSD from there.
   - The BeagleBone black has an eMMC
   - According to https://linux-sunxi.org, The Cubieboard2,
     Cubieboard3/Cubietruck, and pcDunino3 all have NAND, so they can
     most probably boot from it by default, if no microSD is setup for
   - The OLinuXino A20 LIME, LIME2, MICRO can be bought with optional

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