[Freedombox-discuss] XMPP help?

mray mail at mray.de
Fri Aug 25 15:09:43 UTC 2017

On 24.08.2017 20:54, dgj+lists at systemli.org wrote:
> Hi,
> I did a fresh flash of Freedombox 0.13.1 for BBB on a micro sd card.
> After installing XMPP I cannot get it to work. I hope the following
> information is useful. Can anyone help?
> When using JSXC, I get the following error:
> Domain is /mydomain/.freedombox.rocks
> "BOSH server NOT reachable or misconfigured. Host unknown:
> /mydomain/.freedombox.rocks is unknown to your XMPP server."
> When I change the domain to localhost, I get "BOSH Server reachable."
> Furthermore, I cannot connect to XMPP server using a client like Jitsi,
> Pidgin, or Gajim. In fact, Gajim gives the following error:
> "Server replied: The value of the 'to' attribute provided by the
> initiating entity in the stream header does not correspond to a hostname
> that is hosted by the server. Check your connection or try again later."
> As far as II can tell, the Dynamic DNS Client is configured correctly.
> For instance, I can connect to /mydomain/.freedombox.rocks/ikiwiki
> without any problems. By contrast, when I try
> /mydomain/.freedombox.rocks/plinth/apps/jsxc/jsxc, I get a 403 Forbidden
> error, which makes me think it is a permissions problem.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!!!
> Best,
> DJ

If you are behind NAT youprobably don't forward the required ports.
Don't remember what they are, but the FreedomBox GUI should clearly
indicate it.


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