[Freedombox-discuss] XMPP help?

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Fri Aug 25 19:14:27 UTC 2017

5222+5269 TCP

Sometimes a reboot can solve automatic firewall configuration ?

I don't remember if XMPP is using self-signed certificate, or Let's
Encrypt if it's generated ?
May be self-signed... clients can be sad with this. I remember Tor
messenger was able to accept the self-signed certificate, like Firefox
confirmation. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorMessenger
(try with a Freedombox temporary/test account if you prefer ;)

Le 25/08/2017 à 18:56, dgj+lists at systemli.org a écrit :
> Thanks, Robert.
>> If you are behind NAT youprobably don't forward the required ports.
>> Don't remember what they are, but the FreedomBox GUI should clearly
>> indicate it.
> Yes, I should have mentioned this: I had opened ports 5222 and 5269,
> as in the manual. Still, no dice.
> Best,
> DJ
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