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I, too would be interested in this.  I think that simple answer is that
Freedombox does not support this (yet?), so we have to treat is as a
Debian system for the sake of this problem.

I guess all one needs to achieve this is place the website somewhere in
the filesystem and create new config files in the

Their contents depend on the inner workings of the website we are trying
to run, which fall into one of two basic scenarios:

1. Simple website which can be interpreted and served by Apache (html,
php sites mostly).
In this case we just need to point the Apache to the directory
containing the site.

2. Website running its own webserver demon (node, java etc).
In this case, we need to configure 'reverse proxy' in Apache, so it
forwards the traffic to the demon. There are some limitations of this
(for example, websocket forwarding support is imperfect and depends on
the version of apache), but should also be straightforward.

That's the theory. As for practice, the exact syntax of these
configuration files eludes me - general examples should be easily found
on the web, but I don't know if there are any Freedombox-specific needs.
Also, I have no idea how to configure ssl for these pages (ideally using
included Let's encrypt demon).


On 03.12.2017 22:02, Marc Draco wrote:
> Hopefully this is one that someone will be able to go ... "D'uh" but
> I'm a little confused as to how we put a personal web page on our
> Freedombox.
> When I say a personal page, I don't mean a blog (found that) or a Wiki
> (hate them) but an actual webpage(s) of stuff. I don't find blogs
> particularly helpful and Wikis often look messy.
> Presumably we could use an existing CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, but
> I find those overrated - I did a fair bit of work with the older
> version of CodeIgniter and I still like it for speed and efficiency.
> The gotcha is it can't interfere with the existing web UI - I hope
> you'll all forgive my ignorance, I'm coming back to all this after a
> very lengthy hiatus and I was never very good at the nuts and bolts.
> Marc
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