[Freedombox-discuss] Privoxy -> TOR - feature ?

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Sat Feb 4 08:03:59 UTC 2017

Hey here,

1st, I want to thx all for your work on Freedombox. I'm trying it on a
RPi 1B today.
I hope writing this in the right place. You are free to kick me :)

On my LAN, I'm usually using (on another server) Privoxy + TOR together.
It can be a cool feature to have an option to tick in the Privoxy page ?

- 1 Privoxy (8118 as usual) going through regular network.
- 1 Privoxy (8119 for ex.) forwarding packets to TOR Socks to use this
onion network.

I don't know if it's possible to have both options running together on
Freebombox ?
May be we need 2 Privoxy instances running...?

In my Privoxy config file, if I don't forget my previous set up, it's
forwarding packets to TOR Socks with this config line (TOR Socks is
listening on port 9050). Don't forget the "dot" at the end of the line ! :

|forward-socks5t / .|

Why not ?
Thx for reading !


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