[Freedombox-discuss] connection/firewall problem with privoxy

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Tue Feb 28 11:41:02 UTC 2017

On 02/27/2017 10:47 AM, Aaron Ferrucci wrote:
> Oh, that's weird - I had openvpn running at one point, but I had
> disabled it. Or so I thought: I looked at the plinth openvpn page, and
> saw that although the checkbox ("Enable OpenVPN server") was not
> ticked, the page said, "OpenVPN server is running". Somehow it got
> into an inconsistent state. I enabled, then disabled it, and now
> things looked right on that page.
> With OpenVPN not running, I see:
>   [freedombox]$ nmcli connection
>   NAME                   UUID                                  TYPE
>         DEVICE
>   FreedomBox WAN         599a2458-cd6d-463a-929a-8f15cadd4260
> 802-3-ethernet  enp1s0
>   FreedomBox LAN enp2s0  ede86fda-5b2b-4538-bd09-efbc89e73576
> 802-3-ethernet  --
>   FreedomBox LAN enp3s0  d765a2a2-77e2-4a16-a894-8f6d7ce3acb0
> 802-3-ethernet  --
>   tun0                   704fd1e0-d860-47d0-b834-0fb28cc7c4b9  tun
>         --
> ... and:
>   [freedombox]$ nmcli connection show "FreedomBox WAN" | grep zone
>   connection.zone:                        external
> I'm not sure how to proceed now. Should I assign the "FreedomBox WAN"
> connection to zone "internal"? Or create a new connection, and assign
> that one to internal? Thanks for the help!

If your FreedomBox is behind a router (i.e. not publicly accessible from
the Internet), then yes, typically you will want the "FreedomBox WAN"
connection to be in the internal zone.

Currently the default configuration is like this:
- If there is only one network interface, then it is internal.
- If there is more than one interface, the first one is external, and
the others are internal.

Basically in the first case we assume the FreedomBox is behind a router,
and in the second case we assume the FreedomBox is replacing a router.


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