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permondes - sagen sagen at permondes.de
Sat Jan 7 13:31:34 UTC 2017

Am Samstag, den 07.01.2017, 18:24 +0530 schrieb Sunil Mohan Adapa:

> On 01/07/2017 06:17 PM, permondes - sagen wrote:
> [...]
> > But the device does not boot!
> > I can unplug the micro-SD card to check some log files on my computer, do you have an idea where to start?
> Unfortunately, you won't have logs stored about this stage of booting.
> Check if you have uEnv.txt and move it to see if you are able to boot.
> To restore to earlier state, you can restore boot.scr files from backup.
> (flash-kernel also takes a backup with the name boot.scr.bak)

I saved boot.scr and copied boot.scr.bak, so I am back in 4.3.0. I am
glad that worked, because starting all over again (ikiwiki, radicale,
privoxy, IRC) does not look too attractive to me.
There was previously the issue with LDAP, where I could not add nor
change users in Plinth anymore. I intended to approach that problem
afterwards, did not think they are related.

There is no file uEnv.txt in /boot, nothing similar to that.

If you think, my system is totally screwed up and starting from scratch
makes more sense, then I'll do that. Slowly, and probably taking
tutorial videos, and lots of questions on how to recover (mostly)
ikiwiki ;-). Please advice. 

Sunil, does the Olinuxino A20 LIME (not LIME2!)run with amd64 as well?
Currently I use armhf


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