[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox needs your help! The Debian Stable Freeze is coming up in 3 days, these are the last days to improve the first stable Freedombox release!

freedombox at ikmaak.nl freedombox at ikmaak.nl
Fri Jan 20 00:55:34 UTC 2017

freedombox at ikmaak.nl schreef op 18-01-17 om 23:24:
> Hello fellow FreedomBox contributors and users,
News since the last mail :)

New translation strings have been added to weblate, and all strings are
ready for translation. Even if you just finished translating yesterday,
there are fresh strings now. All new translations will be added to the
next Stable Debian if finished translating before 22nd of Jan.
We would especially welcome additional translations for the already
started languages that are not 90%+ translated yet, like Indonesian,
Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Telugu and Swedish!

Manual improvements are very welcome, we have made some small changes
already, like the release notes moving lower on the page, and removal of
"planned features". There could be a lot of additions though, I am
looking to make some kind of User Guide part explaining how to get the
most of the current version. There will be a note in the software that
there is likely a newer version online, and that other language versions
are planned. That does not have to happen in the next few days, but
would be good to have at release-time of Stretch. For now the next 3
days are the last to improve the stable package, so please add your
improvements, and/or discuss your ideas/plans on the IRC channel.

To improve update-ability, we are looking at adding a last minute option
to make a menu option into plinth to make freedombox install updates via
backports. This will make it possible for us to give stable users the
chance to improve their setup even after the release of Stretch. There
is no decision yet if Freedombox will add support for this, but at least
this will give us a chance to choose for that.

Please help out on the manual or add to or check the translations. Lets
make Stretch a good way to show ourselves as a "silver lining to the cloud"!

Greetings, Ruben

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