[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox needs your help! The Debian Stable Freeze is coming up in 3 days, these are the last days to improve the first stable Freedombox release!

freedombox at ikmaak.nl freedombox at ikmaak.nl
Fri Jan 20 12:21:16 UTC 2017

Daniel Sousa schreef op 20-01-17 om 11:56:
> I started the Portuguese translation, but never remembered to continue
> it.
> I won't be able to meet the deadline of 22nd Jan. Is it possible to have
> it included if I do it next week?
Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your work till this far, we would like to add a complete
translation for Portuguese, so it is great to hear you are able to do
some more work on it.

There is a hard deadline on the new version to get it into Stable, so it
is important that as much as possible is translated. There is some play
in when the translations are added as some time is also needed for
testing the package, but every hour counts, and we are unable to force a
big project as Debian to make an exception. So we will be glad with
everything you can do till then, but at some point it will just not be
possible to include it.

Again, thanks for the work, and we hope you enjoy participating.



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