[Freedombox-discuss] Matrix-Synapse - Let's Encrypt certificates- doesn't start

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Thu Jun 29 20:08:24 UTC 2017


I'm trying to use Let's Encrypt certificate with Matrix-Synapse server,
using this How To... https://matrix.org/docs/guides/lets-encrypt.html
(part 2: Install Certificates)

The process is 100% CPU, and can't start normally. No log generated
(only during the 1st launch with self-signed certificates).
Trying it on a RPi v1.

I see chmod 777 on all Let's Encrypt symlinks (used in the matrix config
and 644 on the files (so everybody can read if I'm not wrong).

I'm thinking about this because Riot client looks like not happy with
self-signed certificates...
And it can be easiest for clients to connect to server without importing
a certif...

Thx !!

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