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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Sun Mar 5 22:57:29 UTC 2017

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (2017-03-05 22:55:56)
> [mray]
>> On 05.03.2017 22:02, James Valleroy wrote:
>>> I've been testing mpd a bit. I'm able to control it remotely with 
>>> gmpc and stream to vlc (over http). It should be simple to put 
>>> together a Plinth module for it. I'm wondering how the music files 
>>> should be uploaded though (upload form in Plinth?).
>> Ideally this would tie in to general file synchronization, probably 
>> expecting music from the default folder under /music.
>> ...although being able to mount network drives would be awesome, too.

MPD is mainly about feeding hosted music to a *local* audio device on 
the server - it can also stream the hosted files, but not elegantly (the 
recipient needs to be written into the configuration file).

> The feature I am after is being able to visit a web page showing my 
> music collection and playing the music using my browser.

...whereas Ampache is mainly about streaming to the *client* accessing 
the service, but optionally can act as a web interface to MPD.

> I am only aware of ampache and groovebasin in Debian that is able to 
> do so, and while groovebasin work fairly well, it refuses to work in a 
> sub-url (see https://github.com/andrewrk/groovebasin/issues/495), and 
> thus is hard to get working with FreedomBox and pagekite (another of 
> my requirements).
> I hope ampache is without such limitation, but have not tested it yet.
> Using a non-web client (gmpc) to enable streaing to another non-web
> client (vlc) is not going to work for my use case - playing music from
> home at work and when travelling.
> And sure, mounting network drives using plinth would be great, but not a
> requirement as I am able to fix that by logging in via ssh.

There's also Mopidy which some may find interesting.

I am a devoted MPD user (every day for many years), but understand that 
some have different needs.  Beware of the memory and CPU consumption 
too, not only features, when comparing these tools: In my (brief, 
somewhat dated) testing of Groovebasin I found it to be consuming quite 
a lot of resources compared to mpd.  Would be sad to provide a single 
tool that covers both streaming and local-playing needs but does the 
latter far inferior to mpd (it is not adequate for a service to emulate 
the MPD _protocol_).

 - Jonas

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