[Freedombox-discuss] Low Cost Community Wi-Fi Networks

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Mon Mar 6 06:22:47 UTC 2017

On Monday 06 March 2017 02:32 AM, James Valleroy wrote:
>> I know you are lightly poking at me for Ampache, etc. :)  We have to
>> make time for improving its packaging in Debian.
>> Let me just say that people like it.  They are using "Power Ampache"
>> (new devices) and "Amdriod" (older and newer devices).
> It looks like ampache has been removed from Debian (unstable). Are you
> planning to upload/maintain it?

I am thinking of maintaining at least one music streaming application
like Ampache (unlikely take it up in next 2 months).  Currently, Ampache
seems like a good option satisfying all the needs.

> I've been testing mpd a bit. I'm able to control it remotely with gmpc
> and stream to vlc (over http). It should be simple to put together a

As others pointed out, I am looking for an application that will stream
music to mobile clients with a good interface.

> Plinth module for it. I'm wondering how the music files should be
> uploaded though (upload form in Plinth?).

I suppose when we restore a file sync application into FreedomBox, that
could be used.  Currently, ssh/sftp is our option, I guess.


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