[Freedombox-discuss] Initramfs - incorrect root configured

Dieter dieter at sarina-ist-doof.de
Sat Sep 9 20:47:18 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I'm having a somewhat weird issue with update-initramfs here.

I have changed a lot in the configuration of my freedombox when it comes
to partitions and hardware.

No I'm currently facing this issue:

update-initramfs creates the files /conf/conf.d/root in its initramfs.img.
However, the content of the file "root" is plain wrong:
as the UUID does not even exist on the system.

the entry in the file "default_root", which seems to be created by
flash-kernel is correct.

I have looked through the config-files and scripts of initramfs-tools at
least 3 times now, and still have not been able to find the cause for
this wrong root entry.

Does anybody have any idea?

Best regards,


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