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Katerina Kabardi kkampardi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 15:03:25 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Joseph thank you for your direct response.

I would gladly work on the new card-base UI and I would highly
appreciate if you or someone else be able to mentor
me at the beginning. I agree that breaking up the large features
into smaller bite-sized chunks is a very good idea. I will help me
or any other newcomers to get involved with the project.

Right now I'm working on #536


On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 10:19 AM, Joseph Nuthalapati <
njoseph at thoughtworks.com> wrote:

> Dear Katerina,
> Welcome back to FreedomBox!
> The new card-based UI in Plinth that you were working on earlier is
> still up for grabs. We've recently started putting some effort into
> breaking up the large features into smaller bite-sized chunks. We're in
> the process of doing it for the card-based UI feature. We'll post them
> as Github issues very soon.
> I've started another thread on Outreachy, since I didn't know about it
> before. We'll take the community's opinion on Outreachy and try to
> decide on it soon since the deadline is close. I like the cause that
> Outreachy is striving for and am willing to be a mentor if I qualify to
> be one.
> --
> Joseph Nuthalapati
> in reply to:
> Hello all,
> My name is Katerina, I am interested to apply to the Outreachy for this
> round
> I found out about Freedombox a few moths ago and I have already made some
> small contributions for Plinth.
> I do not have much experience with open source so I'd be glad to have a
> mentor!
> Besides Outreachy I'd like, anyway,  to get involved more actively to this
> project so I am open to work on any other project ideas.
> I have some experience with Python and Django Framework. I am also
> experienced with Bootstrap Framework, HTML5, CC3 & jquery for the front
> end.
> Are there any issues related to this outreachy project?
> Kind Regards,
> Katerina
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