[Freedombox-discuss] ANNOUNCEMENT: AMA with Localization Lab on 9/30

Danny Haidar haidar at interns.softwarefreedom.org
Wed Sep 13 01:07:40 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news: after two months of planning, FreedomBox has
officially partnered with Localization Lab to translate the Plinth
interface into more languages! As I mentioned in our community calls in
July, Localization Lab is a global community of volunteer translators
who support the translation and localization of Internet freedom tools.
The community translates more than 50 tools into over 180 different
languages and dialects. In the past, they have worked with TOR, GnuPG,
Tails, and others in the FOSS community to translate software, manuals,
and online content. We are their latest partner!

After two months of correspondence, we have finalized our partnership
and will soon begin a push to translate Plinth into the languages of
India as well as other languages currently lacking support. For more
information about the nature of the partnership and our previously
agreed upon translation priorities, please take a look at their
announcement here:

To introduce FreedomBox to Localization Lab’s international network of
translators, we have schedule an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Saturday,
September 30th at 14:00 UTC in the Localization Lab Mattermost channel
(found here:

We picked this time and day because it has previously worked for
FreedomBox community calls but does not overlap with any scheduled
calls. Translators from Localization Lab will have many questions about
FreedomBox, including questions about its features, our vision, and
deployments. Some may even become members of our community after hearing
from us.

This is where we need your help: if any FreedomBox developers are
available for the AMA, please join us! The more FreedomBox
representatives we have, the better. Those with experience deploying
FreedomBox either at home or in other settings are encouraged to join us
as well, as many Localization Lab translators will likely have questions
about setting up their own FredomBox. This AMA is our introduction to
the translators, and I’m confident that they will be glad to contribute
to our Weblate translations after hearing from you.

If you plan to join the AMA to represent the FreedomBox community and
answer questions, please let me know. I want to be sure that we have
enough members of our community at the AMA.

With this translation push, FreedomBox will be even more accessible
throughout the world. This is an exciting development!

If there are any outstanding matters that we as a community should
discuss before moving forward with translation push, please do bring it up.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Danny Haidar
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