[Freedombox-discuss] verifying tor relay runs? Reposting.

ni nhar ninhar at inbox.lv
Sat Apr 14 21:51:37 BST 2018

 beaglebone black revision c
freedombox stable free

On a side note, if an image is free then all
software on the computer follows the fsf
requirements about libre software?

Comment about tor configuration. I think the boxes
should not be checked when you have installed
Instead a freedombox user should choose to select
which options he may want to enable.

I have checked all tor configuration boxes.
Except download packages over tor.

I do not think tor relay works. The ethernet's
leds do not flash. How can I verify if there is
tor relay traffic?
Can I write a command which tells me how much tor
relay traffic has taken place?

Diagnostic Results
Module: tor says all green except
Listening on tcp4 port
Listening on tcp6 port
Listening on tcp4 port
Listening on tcp4 port
Access URL http://www.debian.org on tcp6 via Tor
Confirm Tor usage at https://check.torproject.org
on tcp6

I have omitted the port numbers because I do not
know if they should be kept hidden.

Do I have to make some settings on the freedombox
computer or
on my router? Any relevant pieces of wiki
information I should
Thank you.

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