[Freedombox-discuss] How to Perform First Boot of 0.44.0 on Beagle Bone Black

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Wed Dec 12 03:33:06 GMT 2018

On 11/12/18 6:48 pm, Steven Ng wrote:
> I have attempted to perform a clean install of 0.44.0 on a Beagle 
> Bone Black. Unlike the previous testing build, I have to reset the 
> board before I can navigate my browser to freedombox.local.

Note that freedombox.local will not resolve on Windows machines. You
will have to find the IP address of the FreedomBox using other means.
See manual.

> Is this expected behavior.

Under typical conditions accessing freedombox.local is expected behavior.

> If it is, how long should I wait before hitting reset? Is there any
> indication with the LEDs that indicate when it is safe to reset the
> board?

More initialization happens during first boot than before. BBB is also
under powered. I would give it at least 5 minutes after the power on
before trying to access the interface. Unfortunately, there are no LED
indications that we doing at the moment.


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