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Danny Haidar haidar at interns.softwarefreedom.org
Fri Feb 23 18:47:18 UTC 2018

Hey everyone,

I just heard from a manager of Localization Lab, the organization we
partnered with to get some assistance translating FreedomBox's Plinth
interface into the languages of India and other critical languages. I am
told that Localization Lab has found a dedicated Gujarati translator who
has been working on localization of Plinth in the past several weeks.

Localization Lab will be present at the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF)
on March 5-9, 2018 in Valencia, Spain and plans to host a Localization
Sprint on March 8th from 2:30 - 5:30. They want to know if any
FreedomBox developers or users will be at the IFF and open to joining
the Localization Sprint or having an informal meetup with localizers who
are interested in demoing and asking questions about FreedomBox

I will not be at IFF, but I think this is a great opportunity to connect
with potential translators. Will any of you be at the IFF in March and
be willing to represent FreedomBox at the localization sprint? If so,
please let me know and I can connect you with the manager of
Localization Lab. Alternatively, you can reach out to Localization Lab
directly at <info [at] localizationlab [dot] org>.

I have pasted more information below:


IFF is just around the corner and Localization Lab is looking for
projects who are interested in participating in our Localization Demo &
Sprint Session
The demo and sprint session will take place on/*Thursday March 8th from
14:30 - 17:30*/ in the /"Flyover Front"/ space at Las Naves and will
consist of small group speed demos followed by collaborative localization.

Sprints like this are not only a way to localize tools, but a great way
to build regional and linguistic networks within the Internet Freedom
space. As a project owner this is an opportunity for you to showcase
your tool, get feedback from a diverse group of Localization Lab
contributors from around the globe, kick start and energize your
localization efforts by providing valuable context and support for
translators on the spot, and build relationships with individuals
interested in long-term contribution to your project.

You can read more information about past Demo & Sprint sessions held by
Localization Lab at the 2016
and 2017
Internet Freedom Festivals on our site.

This year space is limited and we will only be hosting 6 projects at the
sprint. In order to participate, your project should be:

  * Currently supported by Localization Lab either in the Localization
    Lab Hub in Transifex or on Weblate; and
  * Localizable, ready to accept translations with a localization
    workflow in place to publish translated and reviewed content.

If you are interested in participating in the Localization Lab Demo &
Sprint session please contact Dragana or I and let us know: 

  * What your current localization priorities are (the audiences you are
    trying to reach through localization); and
  * What you hope to accomplish at the session.

/*If you are not able to make the Sprint & Demo session, but are
interested in interfacing with Localization Lab contributors at IFF,
still let us know! We plan to host informal localization meetups at IFF
for individuals who want to work on localization projects outside of
sessions. We would love to connect you with translators interested in
working on your project./



Danny Haidar
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