[Freedombox-discuss] [Fwd: RFP: Dudle -- server for web polls, AGPLv3]

hjenkins hjenkins at uvic.ca
Mon Jul 2 18:47:59 BST 2018

Apologies, I filed a duplicate bug. It will be merged to
... which has an owner.

This page, about DudEL, says that it is no longer maintained, and try

But this page, about DudLE, says that it is actively maintained, and

I would like to rant about the stupid orthography of the English language
here, where "le" and "el" are pronounced the same way, and about the
tendency of German-speakers to import terrible English spelling
conventions into German, which generally has a much better
phoneme-grapheme correspondence, but that would be offtopic.

For clarity, I do not suggest adding Dud-iee-ell, as it is unmaintained
and deprecated, but Dud-ell-iee, which is actively maintained and

It might be a good idea to ask Paul Bienkowski, the former maintainer of
the defunct Dud-iee-ell, to add a disambiguation to his Github page to
ensure that this misunderstanding is not repeated.

I have no objection to including Bitpoll as well, but as far as I can see
it's a totally separate project from Dud-ell-iee, and we could have both.

The last commit to Dud-ell-iee was less than a month ago. The main dev
(CC'd) seems just not to have made a release of his recent commits. The
blocker on the 2.0 release is an enhancement, though, so this is
perfectionism, not a serious bug in the code.

> Quoting mray (2018-07-02 09:11:17)
>> On 01.07.2018 20:56, hjenkins wrote:
>> > A Dudle server package would be useful for the Freedombox project
>> > (CC'd).
>> As far as I know this project isn't actively developed anymore. Its
>> successor "Bitpoll" seems to be better and maybe even easier to
>> package?
>> https://bitpoll.mafiasi.de/
>> https://github.com/fsinfuhh/Bitpoll
> Please post that quite valuable info to the bugreport:
> 901824 at bugs.debian.org
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