[Freedombox-discuss] Radicale with DAVdroid: Read-only calendars should not be editable

Robert Pollak robert.pollak at posteo.net
Wed Jul 11 11:18:57 BST 2018


I am using Radicale (from Debian unstable [1], on Freedombox-testing)
with DAVdroid.

I have configured it for two non-admin Freedombox users such that each
of them has read-only access to the calendar of the other one:

* I have switched Radicale's "access rights" setting to "Any user can
view any calendar/addressbook, but only the owner can make changes."
* I have synced the two users' phones to their own Radicale calendar.
For this, I have used
as described in [2].
* I have used the base URL https://<your.freedombox.address>/radicale/
to make DAVdroid list and access the read-only versions of all users'
calendars. (This non-user-specific base URL will be useful for adding
more calendar-sharing users later on.)

Now the two users correctly see their own and each other's calendars on
their phones, but there is one problem: Not only their own calendars are
editable there, but also the read-only calendars. And when those
read-only ones are edited by mistake, they of course stop synchronizing,
giving synchronization errors instead.

It seems that DAVdroid (1.11.5-ose from F-Droid) doesn't get the message
that those calendars are read-only.

I don't know whether this is a server or client side problem.
I can send config files or the DAVdroid debug info (via off-list email
for privacy), if that's useful.

Please tell me if you think this should be reported to Radicale or
DAVdroid instead.

Best regards,



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