[Freedombox-discuss] option to get a free software freedombox on an orange pi one computer?

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Wed Jun 20 02:05:20 BST 2018

On 06/17/2018 04:21 PM, ni nhar wrote:
>  I want to find out if a free software freedombox system can get installed on an
> orange pi one.
> http://www.orangepi.org/orangepione/
> I am not skilled on this and do not know what to do. I selected the orange pi
> one because it is low priced, about 15usd if you are located in europe.
> If we can create a free software freedombox system for this
> computer the price would make it viable for people should
> they want a freedombox.

There is an entry for this board included in flash-kernel database, so that
looks promising. The amount of RAM looks quite limiting though (some
applications won't work well).

> My initial plan was to install armbian.
> https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-one/
> I thought the stretch version is free software. But it is not.
> I do not know how to remove the non free parts.
> My information is that the orange pi one supports ubóot.
> Does the other free software freedomboxes use uboot? I do not
> know if the orange pi one's devices require non free software,
> those devices required to run freedombox.

All of the free software images for ARM boards use u-boot.

> It is an arm a7 cpu.
> Can I try to install one of the other free software freedombox arm computer's image?

That won't work. Each image has a device-specific u-boot and Device Tree Blob file.

We can add this board as a target for freedom-maker:

Adding a board, and building an image is quite simple. But then we need to test
it and see if it works.

> Any relevant links?
> How does freedombox's software get updates when installed on a computer? Are the
> updates
> done by freedombox.org or debian?

Updates are from Debian.

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