[Freedombox-discuss] option to get a free software freedombox on an orange pi one computer?

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Thu Jun 21 19:56:39 BST 2018

Quoting ni nhar (2018-06-21 20:41:23)
> > https://packages.debian.org/sid/armhf/u-boot-sunxi/filelist
> > So first, orangepi_one needs to be added to u-boot-sunxi's targets. 
> > A wishlist bug can be reported on the u-boot-sunxi package, to 
> > request this.
> Have you done it?
> Or can you tell how I can ask for it?

FreedomBox is a subset of Debian.

How to report a bug in Debian is here: https://www.debian.org/Bugs/
(also redirected from https://bugs.debian.org maybe easier to remember)

To get inspiration from earlier similar bugreports, try look at 
https://bugs.debian.org/u-boot-sunxi or 
https://bugs.debian.org/src:u-boot (the source package).  The latter 
currently includes https://bugs.debian.org/881564 for a similar request, 
as inspiration for your bugreport.


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