[Freedombox-discuss] verifying tor relay runs? Reposting.

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Fri May 4 18:47:34 BST 2018


On 16.04.2018 06:57, Sunil Mohan Adapa wrote:
>> I do not think tor relay works. The ethernet's
>> leds do not flash. How can I verify if there is
>> tor relay traffic?
>> Can I write a command which tells me how much tor
>> relay traffic has taken place?
>> Diagnostic Results
>> Module: tor says all green except
>> Listening on tcp4 port
>> Listening on tcp6 port
>> Listening on tcp4 port
>> Listening on tcp4 port
>> Access URL http://www.debian.org on tcp6 via Tor
>> Confirm Tor usage at https://check.torproject.org
>> on tcp6
>> I have omitted the port numbers because I do not
>> know if they should be kept hidden.
>> Do I have to make some settings on the freedombox
>> computer or
>> on my router? Any relevant pieces of wiki
>> information I should
>> read?
> One thing we have not made clear in the interface of relay nodes is that
> the FreedomBox needs to be reachable from the Internet. So you need a
> static or dynamic public IP address on the FreedomBox. Or you must be
> forwarding all the traffic from your router (which can be reached from
> the Internet) to FreedomBox.
> Look like you can check your relay here[1] after a few hours.
> Links:
> 1) https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#simple
I asked on the tor's irc.
I was told there is an option to get graphs about tor's activity.
But the freedombox.org does not support it.
A request was made on a freedombox.org forum. I do not remember which forum.
If an option to easily verify if tor works can be implemented it should
be done.

I verified my ip address on
A tor relay not found.

> the FreedomBox needs to be reachable from the Internet.

Can you link to instructions?

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