[Freedombox-discuss] do freedombox application publish your ip address on the clear internet?

Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at thoughtworks.com
Wed May 9 07:16:35 BST 2018

FreedomBox currently supports three ways of accessing it.

1. Direct access on the clearnet with a public IP address for the
FreedomBox (using Dynamic DNS or a purchased domain name).

2. Tor hidden service.

3. PageKite proxy tunnel.

If it is the first case, your FreedomBox IP address is publicly known.
This is a conscious choice made by the user to not have anonymity.

Using a tor hidden service, most simple web applications on FreedomBox
can be accessed (like wikis, blogs and RSS feeds). However federated
applications like Matrix Synapse might not work. An analysis of
applications on FreedomBox on whether any of them leak the IP address of
the FreedomBox must be done.

I'm no expert on PageKite, but since it's a proxy, I think the case is
similar to that of tor. Though a direct DNS resolution doesn't point to
the FreedomBox's IP address, applications might leak your IP address.

On Tuesday 08 May 2018 01:26 AM, ni nhar wrote:
> If you do not use tor and want to display an
> internet webpage on the freedombox
> does the webpage then tell the public my ip
> address? I would not want to use
> any service or application on the freedombox which
> makes my ip address
> public on the internet and thus enabling people to
> get to know my 
> approximately location.
> If so which services or applications on the
> freedombox tells your ip address on
> the internet?
> What if there was an email provider application on
> the freedombox would that
> application then tell your ip address on the internet?
> Why is there not an email provider application on
> the freedombox? Thank
> you.
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