[Freedombox-discuss] CalDav

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Thu May 17 08:37:00 BST 2018

On Monday 14 May 2018 10:41 PM, Siegfried Kaiser wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a problem with caldav/evolution on freedombox from Ubuntu 16.04
> I have installed caldav on freedombox and it seems to work at first, but 
> the diagnostic test results in
> "Listening on tcp4 port 5232 Failed"

I have just installed radicale application on FreedomBox on Debian and I 
don't see this issue. I also have a production version that is doing 
fine. So, I assume that this is a problem with Ubuntu.

The only package you need from Ubuntu for this to work properly is 
'radicale'. Perhaps the newer version of Ubuntu 18.04 will not show the 
same problem?

> All the following tests at and so on are registered as 
> successfull, and an attempt to connect from ubuntu/evolution to 
> freedombox fails.

If 'Listening on tcp4 port 5232' is not working the remaining test are 
not very useful, I believe.

> Did I miss something import.
> (The 2 machines are still connection only in the local network.
> Do I have to open the port 5232 on both machines, - is it already opened 
> on freedombox by the caldav installtion routine ?

You don't have to open ports on the server side as Apache acts as 
reverse proxy and the ports 80/443 are used. You don't have to do port 
opening on client side it will be simple HTTP client on standard ports.

If you can login to the FreedomBox via SSH, check 'systemctl status 
radicale'. Then check configuration on why it is not listening on 5232 
(ss -nlpt). For me the hosts = line is commented out so the default is 
to listen on


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