[Freedombox-discuss] Synchorize (or backup/save to computer) SMS, voice mail, pictures, etc...

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Sun Nov 4 01:56:58 GMT 2018

Quoting A. F. Cano (2018-11-04 01:45:00)
> I've been very happily using radicale to synchronize the contact list, 
> calendar and to to list (required the Tasks android app, that I got 
> from F-droid) between computers running KDE (Korganizer, Kaddressbook) 
> and the old android phone (galazy S/ Cyanogenmod android 4.2.2 with 
> nothing google on it) using the radicale server on the FreedomBox.

I am happy that you make good use of Radicale.

I do similar: Task and DavDroid (which you didn't mention above) from 
F-droid on LineageOS.

> Now I'd like to also synchronize (if possible) the SMS text messages 
> and the voice mail messages.  Is this possible with Radicale?  If so 
> it would be ideal, but I see no indication that this is possible.

> I have tried SMSbackup+ but it requires an imap server.  Since the 
> FreedomBox has no mail server, I tried it with an internal dovecot 
> imap server but it doesn't work.  I probably did something wrong but I 
> get no error messages, just "No items found" even though I have a few 
> text messages.  Has anyone used SMSbackup+?  Everything I've found on 
> the web is at least 4 years old.

I am a happy user of SMSBackup+ storing to Dovecot on a Debian system. 
Dovecot has _many_ options you can get lost tweaking, but I guess very 
little if anything needs tweaking for a local-only use (my Dovecot is a 
multi-user production service with a few custom tweaks).

I also enabled in advanced settings having call info (i.e. notices of 
calls and missed calls - *not* audio files of the contents of the calls) 
stored to Calendar (which then gets stored to Radicale).

> How are voice mail messages handled in android?  Is it possible to
> synchronize/save them to a computer, by sending them as an email
> attachment for instance?  Are there some android apps that can deal
> with voice mail messages, hopefully compatible with radicale?

I got the F-droid app "Call Recorder" so work in the past, but it not 
reliably, and currently is is not working at all for me.

No, Radicale is not a good store for media files.

> I have found MAXS but know nothing about it yet.  Since it uses XMPP 
> and the Freedombox has an XMPP server... Is anyone using it? how 
> exactly? What can it do?

MAXS can seemingly hook into a range of phone interfaces - but 
apparently cannot _do_ much on its own: It is a framework for you to 
orchestrate what you wanna do.

I doubt an XMPP server is suitable for _storing_ media files, only 
(possibly) transporting them.

> Finally, I've been looking at how to set up a mail server, but it's 
> quite involved, so I'm not surprised there isn't a solution for that 
> on the Freedombox.  I certainly would be happy if that happened.

Should not be very involved to have FreedomBox offer imap, local-only.  
What gets difficult is interacting with peers - i.e. smtp.

 - Jonas

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