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Hi Danny,
thanks for posing this topic to the forum.
Before talking about the future of the FreedomBox project, let me first
put down my impression of the current status:I think the FreedomBox
currently has a number of interesting individual solutions running
(some are part of my daily life by now). As development is performed in
the Testing repository, one has to accept occasional issues after
updates. Thus the project is dedicated to Debian experienced people.
In order to define the next steps and the directions to take, I think
we should understand and define whom we are targeting at. As I am
working as product manager (not in IT), I like the concept of Personas,
i.e. to define one or two fictive personalities who represent the
target audience. Any development is done by asking these Personas how
they see the changes, if they can deal with them.Based on this we have
to define the applications needed, by understanding what our customers
are trying to achieve with the Box. This is in contrast to the current
approach which is rather software package centered. An application
centered approach provides a solution to a problem which may consist of
the interaction of various software packages. E.g. a wiki requires a
DNS record and ideally also Lets-Encrypt. Such an approach can often be
realized with adapting the user interface and the corresponding
documentation. Here, users need more guidance. 
Classifying these needs can be done following the KANO-Analysis, so
defining - must have- exciters (wow effect)- valued requirements-
indifferent- undesired (listed just for completeness)
Based on this we should set up a roadmap with time-line and work
through this. 
Coming back to the fact that the development is done in Testing: As
users need a reliable solution but also want to benefit from the
development, we should add backport support for the Stable
distribution. I think this was already discussed. Once the Box is
running in a stable way, (and it improved a lot during recently), it is
time to spread word.

Am Mittwoch, den 07.11.2018, 21:42 -0500 schrieb Danny Haidar:
> Hi everyone,
> I want to open a discussion about the FreedomBox Foundation's
> upcoming
> FreedomBox Summit. As we discussed on our progress call on October
> 13,
> the FreedomBox Foundation is hosting a meeting in New York City on
> Tuesday, November 13, 2018 with Sunil Mohan Adapa, James Valleroy,
> Eben
> Moglen, and me. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the main
> challenges
> facing the FreedomBox project and to plan for our future.
> When I first announced this meeting on our progress call, I mentioned
> that we want the agenda to include items recommended by the
> community. I
> want to ask each of you on this discussion list to help us out with
> this. In short, we are planning to discuss the most important issues
> facing the FreedomBox project as we continue to grow, attract new
> users,
> and expand into hardware sales. My questions for you: what do you
> think
> are the most important challenges facing the FreedomBox project? What
> do
> you want to see us do in the future? We want FreedomBox to become a
> mainstream consumer privacy solution. What do you think we need to do
> before we get to that point?
> These questions are intentionally broad--please feel free to
> interpret
> them however you wish and answer as narrowly or broadly as you'd
> like.
> As I said, we want to give the community a voice in this meeting, so
> you
> should feel free to raise any issue that you care about.
> I will take note of all the questions I get and try my best to
> incorporate your ideas into our agenda. You can feel free to email me
> your ideas in this thread, or to my email address privately at
> <haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org>. Alternatively, I also plan to
> bring
> this up on our upcoming progress call this Saturday, November 10--so
> you
> can bring your questions to that call if you want.
> I hope to hear from many of you!
> Best,
> Danny
FreedomBox: https://permondes.de
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