[Freedombox-discuss] reSIProcate feature requests for FreedomBox?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Oct 8 20:08:59 BST 2018

Hi everybody,

Another reSIProcate release is being prepared.  It should hopefully be
ready well before the Debian buster freeze.

Are there any changes we can make upstream or in packaging that will
optimize the experience with Freedombox?

All the current RC bugs have been fixed in upstream Git already.
registration-agent[1] (documented in the config file) will be part of
the package too, allowing people to register for incoming calls from an
ITSP without needing to run a local Asterisk server.  Let's Encrypt
integration is also in the works.

Would anybody be interested in volunteering to help with the packaging
effort?  Some things, like fixing[2] the copyright file in one of the
dependencies, qpid-proton, do not require any specialist knowledge of
the packages.




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