[Freedombox-discuss] reSIProcate feature requests for FreedomBox?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Oct 9 10:07:34 BST 2018

On 09/10/18 09:45, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Daniel Pocock]
>> Another reSIProcate release is being prepared.  It should hopefully be
>> ready well before the Debian buster freeze.
>> Are there any changes we can make upstream or in packaging that will
>> optimize the experience with Freedombox?
> For me, getting it to work with pagekite would be great.  I have not

Support for things like pagekite and sslh could be implemented with some
hacks in the Transport and Connection classes.  sslh is already on the
radar[1] as well as tighter integration[2] of the WebSocket transport
with Apache.  These problems are all related.  Would you like to put
PageKite in our upstream Bugzilla as a feature request?

The bug tracker also includes other issues on the transport code that
would help FreedomBox users, for example, runtime IP address changes[3].
 The TLS SNI stuff for Let's Encrypt would also touch[4] the same code.

> been able to test resiprocate with my freedombox, as it run testing and
> the package was missing every time I looked for it.

reSIProcate and dependencies do build and run fine on testing and stable
so you can install them manually if you want to.

I'm also looking at putting them in a private APT repository to ensure
matching versions of all dependencies are always available in a single
place for CI builds.

If you or anybody else wants to help me tidy up the packaging issues,
e.g. the qpid-proton debian/copyright and other low hanging fruit, we
can get all of it back into testing more quickly.  NMUs on things like
that are very welcome and allow me to focus on the upstream stuff.



1. https://project.freertc.org/projects/sslh
2. https://www.resiprocate.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=43
3. https://www.resiprocate.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=125
4. https://www.resiprocate.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=101

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