[Freedombox-discuss] Article about FreedomBox in ZDNet

Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at riseup.net
Fri Apr 26 12:08:56 BST 2019

Email and Social Networking (mentioned in the article) are not
implemented yet, but are in the road map for 2019.

The device receives automatic nightly updates. So, people who buy the
FreedomBox Pioneer edition won't be missing anything in terms of software.

A full plan to implement an email server in FreedomBox is ready. You can
subscribe to this issue (turn on notifications) if you want to track

On 26/04/19 12:09 pm, Petrusko wrote:
> Hey!
> Thx for this.
> I read on the article "[...]We find ourselves tied down to Apple,
> Facebook, Google, or Microsoft for our e-mail [...]"
> Does the last release embellished with a mail server ? I can be really
> happy if yes :)
> Not enough time to come last year...
> Le 23/04/2019 à 22:57, Danny Haidar a écrit :
>> "Put the internet back under your control with the FreedomBox":
>> https://www.zdnet.com/article/put-the-internet-back-under-your-control-with-the-freedombox/
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