[Freedombox-discuss] trivial "app" for Freedombox

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Tue Feb 12 23:58:50 GMT 2019

On 11/02/19 9:57 am, hjenkins wrote:
> Static websites are becoming a bit of a trend. Would it be possible to
> have a GUI interface which basically says "serve this folder"?

Currently, web content placed in ~user/public_html directory will be
served via the URL https://<freedombox>/~user/.

> Ideally, it would have an Tidy button and a Linklint button, too. Both
> packages are in stable.
> Less trivially, Pelican, a program for generating static blogs, is also in
> stable.

We are considering adding an option to serve /var/www/html on / instead
of redirecting to /plinth. In this case, users may install whatever
static site generator they want their desktop machine, create the site
and push to /var/www/html using sftp.

Perhaps this could satisfy the need for serving static sites.


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