[Freedombox-discuss] trivial "app" for Freedombox

Bob Girard bgirard at esedona.net
Thu Feb 14 00:14:21 GMT 2019

On 2/13/19 11:41 AM, hjenkins wrote:
> I used to point people to a one-page HTML tutorial by... Randy Hall, I
> think, which I can't find even in Internet Archive now (he later added a
> second page, for CSS). 20 min with it, and you had Made a Website.

I'm not familiar with Randy Hall, but Dave Raggett has a 
still-accessible and very user-friendly (but old) three-page HTML 
tutorial (Basic, Advanced, and CSS) at 
<https://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/Overview.html>.  Plus there's the 
up-to-date, comprehensive, and interactive W3Schools tutorial at 

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