[Freedombox-discuss] OpenVPN Installation on Beagle Bone Black locks out web access

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Tue Jan 15 21:34:05 GMT 2019

On 14/01/19 6:21 pm, Steven Ng wrote:
> Thanks Sunil,
> I've been able to recreate the problem in VirtualBox and will see if
> I can gather more information.

Hi Steven,

I have been able to recreate the problem in my VirtualBox instance today
after installing OpenVPN and rebooting the system. I have created a bug
in FreedomBox tracker[1]. Looks like firewalld/nftables is unable to
handle '+' in the interface name created by OpenVPN 'tun+'. I described
the following way to recover the system from such a failure.

Recovering from a running system if you have SSH/console access:

$ firewall-cmd --zone=internal --remove-interface=tun+ --permanent
$ firewall-cmd --zone=internal --remove-interface=tun+
$ systemctl restart firewalld

Recovering when you can access the disk or SD card:

Edit /etc/firewalld/zones/internal.xml and remove tun+ line and save.
Boot the disk or SD card.

Lets collect some more information and submit a bug/patch for
firewalld/nftables soon.


1) https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/plinth/issues/1457



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