[Freedombox-discuss] Reorganisation of www.debian.org: Please provide information about your Blend

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Mon Jul 22 02:48:41 BST 2019

Hi Blends developers

today I sat together with some people who intend to update Debian web
pages.  On one hand they care about design they also care about content
and structure of content.  The structure should be unified and the
content should be updated by not only provide up to date information but
also by deleting stuff that is irrelevant.

It turned out that for some Blends the information is recent and well
maintained, some Blends care not much about their documentation but are
active otherwise (shame on me that I consider Debian Med in this
category) and some Blends were either never really active or are not
active any more.  The people who are working on new web pages want to
provide current information and thus want remove the last category
which I will refer to as "inactive" below.  (If you are actually
consider yourself inactive or do not know what I'm writing about you
could stop reading here in principle since any response is only
expected from active Blends.)

To find out what Blend should be considered as active I proposed to
write this e-mail to the main communication channel and ask the
developers of the Blend to confirm they consider themselves an active
Blend and will provide more content about that Blend to the web team if
requested to do so.

This mail goes to the mailing list of all those Blends that are listed

    http://www.debian.org/blends     [1]

as well as those projects that are featuring metapackage code in Git
and have a mailing list or only a private mail address since no
mailing list existed or the mailing list vanished by the shutdown
of alioth since nobody cared about the migration (if those single
maintainers do not know what this mail is about they certainly fall
under the category "inactive" and do not need respond anyway.)

So please every Blend team that wants to be listed on [1]
in future please write an e-mail to

    Thomas Lange <lange at debian.org>

confirming that this Blend is active and wants to be represented
on the official Debian Web site.  We actually want to unify the
presentation of Blends and you should name a default entry page
for your Blend.  Currently we have some very positive examples

    Debian Astro:   https://blends.debian.org/astro/
    Debian Edu:     https://blends.debian.org/edu/

We also have the "care not so much about documentation ones"

    Debian Med:     https://blends.debian.org/med/
    Debian Games:   https://blends.debian.org/games/
or even worse
    Debian Junior:  https://blends.debian.org/junior/

ones and those who simply maintain just a Wiki page.  Once you confirmed
that your Blend is active you should probably start working on this -
possibly by discussing some common standard for the Blends entry page on
the general Blends list (debian-blends at lists.debian.org)


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