[Freedombox-discuss] Unable to get certificate

Jon Carriel joncarriel at protonmail.com
Fri May 3 21:42:23 BST 2019

Hi.  I'm having trouble with some basic configuration of my brand new FreedomBox, which I think is probably more due to my computer's pre-existing configuration rather than the FBox, but it's stalling my progress nonetheless, and I'm hoping someone can point the way out of the loop.

I'm working with a Windows 7 PC armed with Kaspersky Internet Security.  When I try to arrange Dynamic DNS at gnudip, I get the following:
  The computer that connected to GnuDIP has IP address
  GnuDIP cannot determine if is the IP address of your computer.
  Java is not enabled in your browser.

The trouble is, I haven't a clue how to fix this.  I've tried TOR(Firefox) Browser, Chrome, and I.E., but can't find an option to enable Java anywhere.  (And I thought enabling it was a security no-no anyway?)   GnuDIP's inability to read my IP apparently interferes with certificate acquisition.

The other problem may be that I have no idea how to change a "port,"  which apparently is necessary too.

Any assistance would be appreciated.   JON CARRIEL
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