[Freedombox-discuss] Unable to get certificate

Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at riseup.net
Mon May 6 12:43:26 BST 2019

In order to be able to get a certificate, you need to do the following:

1. DMZ or port forwarding of https (port 443) traffic on your router.
Verify this works before setting up DynamicDNS account.
2. Verify if is your IP address. If you did port
forwarding correctly, visiting should take
you to your FreedomBox web interface.
3. GnuDIP sees as the IP address of the computer you're
trying to access it from. From the perspective of an external server,
your FreedomBox and PC will appear to have the same IP address if they
are in the same network.
4. After GnuDIP setup, check that accessing
https://yourname.freedombox.rocks takes you to your FreedomBox web
interface (with a certificate warning in your browser)
5. In System -> Configuration, set yourname.freedombox.rocks as the
domain name.
6. Go to Let's Encrypt and obtain a certificate for the domain.

You don't need the Java applets. It's not a good idea to enable Java in
your browser from a security standpoint. Maybe the GnuDIP web
application used by gnudip.datasystems24.net is very old. Most modern
browsers don't allow Java applets.

On 04/05/19 2:12 am, Jon Carriel via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
> Hi.  I'm having trouble with some basic configuration of my brand new
> FreedomBox, which I think is probably more due to my computer's
> pre-existing configuration rather than the FBox, but it's stalling my
> progress nonetheless, and I'm hoping someone can point the way out of
> the loop. 
> I'm working with a Windows 7 PC armed with Kaspersky Internet Security. 
> When I try to arrange Dynamic DNS at gnudip, I get the following:
>   The computer that connected to GnuDIP has IP address
>   GnuDIP cannot determine if is the IP address of your
> computer.
>   Java is not enabled in your browser.
> The trouble is, I haven't a clue how to fix this.  I've tried
> TOR(Firefox) Browser, Chrome, and I.E., but can't find an option to
> /enable/ Java anywhere.  (And I thought enabling it was a security no-no
> anyway?)   GnuDIP's inability to read my IP apparently interferes with
> certificate acquisition. 
> The other problem may be that I have no idea how to change a "port," 
> which apparently is necessary too. 
> Any assistance would be appreciated.   JON CARRIEL
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