[Freedombox-discuss] freedombox domain name vs hostname --fqdn

Sébastien Barthélémy barthelemy at crans.org
Mon May 13 04:30:53 BST 2019

On the https://freedom.mydomain.eu/plinth/sys/config/ page, I did setup :
* hostname : freedom
* domain name : freedom.mydomain.eu
(bye the way, if found the explicative text "Domain name is the global name
by which other devices on the Internet can reach your FreedomBox." clear
and helpful, thank you!)

The domain name seems to be used "as-is" when setting up a Let's Encrypt
certificate, which is consistent with the explicative text, and worked for

However, if I SSH into the box, I get
$ hostname
$ hostname --fqdn

Here, it seems hostname and domain name have been concatenated, which is
not what I wanted. It probably does not matter much, but it looks like a
bug. What do you think ?

If I edit /etc/hosts to "fix" it, by replacing the line       freedom.freedom.mydomain.eu freedom
with       freedom.mydomain.eu freedom

(and sudo systemctl restart apache2), then I'm locked out of the website :
* it seems to serves me the initial self-signed certificate instead of the
letsencrypt one
* because HSTS is enabled, I cannot continue.

Reverting my /etc/hosts edit, I got my access access back. I'm not sure
what is going on.

Byt the way, the HSTS option looks dangerous, is there a way to disable it
(temporarily) from SSH?

PS : I'm using freedombox 19.1, from a testing image, on a lime2 board.
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