[Freedombox-discuss] Patch: Freedom-Maker support for Lamobo R1

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Sun May 19 02:56:14 BST 2019

On 17/05/19 4:12 am, Florian Boor wrote:
> Hi all,
> hee is a little patch against Git master to add support for the Lamobo R1
> (BananaPi R1).

Thanks you for the patch! It looks good to me. We can merge as soon as
we have a successful test report.

I heard the Lamobo R1 has design problem that routes packages from the
WAN port to LAN port while the machine is in booting state. This exposes
the internal network machines to security issues. We should be sure to
confirm and document this fact in the manual.

> It is tested and produces pretty well working SD card images with unstable.
> I have noticed a few issues but these are not necessarily related to the device
>  - realtek-firmware for wifi is missing (available but from non-free only)

This is not a blocker for us. This is unfortunately the case with most
Wi-Fi chips. We are recommending our users to use a separate Wi-Fi dongle.

>  - USB storage devices get mounted automatically but do not show up in the
> storage UI
>  - Same for SATA devices. They show up after creating a fstab entry manually and
> reboot of the box.

This is not related to the build or the board. We are sorting some
issues with FreedomBox auto mounting disks.

> With buster I did not have much of luck so far:
> Some systemd service fails after a while and we end up in an unusable emergency
> state. See attached log.
> maybe its related to Ethernet. The kernel support for the switch
connected to
> the A20 on that device used to be not that good. Systemd claims to
have network
> up but the DHCP server does not show activity.

It appears that the problem is with finding the /boot partition during
boot. It is unlikely to be a problem with Ethernet (that must be a
separate issue).

> Starting kernel ...
> [    0.005893] /cpus/cpu at 0 missing clock-frequency property
> [    0.005924] /cpus/cpu at 1 missing clock-frequency property
> [   17.060999] usb 4-1: firmware: failed to load rtlwifi/rtl8192cufw_TMSC.bin (-2)
> [   17.068356] firmware_class: See https://wiki.debian.org/Firmware for information about missing firmware
> [   17.079477] usb 4-1: firmware: failed to load rtlwifi/rtl8192cufw.bin (-2)
> [ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device ��c-0c8e-4d4a-9200-c495823dc416.
> [DEPEND] Dependency failed for File…c-0c8e-4d4a-9200-c495823dc416.
> [DEPEND] Dependency failed for /boot.
> [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Unattended Upgrades Shutdown.
> [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Systems.

During boot, systemd tried to mount /boot because it saw an entry in
/etc/fstab. It should be listed with a UUID instead of /dev/something
device. No device with that UUID was found and so the boot process
eventually failed.

The UUID above looks corrupted somehow. Could you please check the
contents of /etc/fstab in the built image specifically the /boot entry
and confirm that the UUID is same as the UUID of the /boot filesystem
(obtain can be read using dumpe2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1). I use the following
handy script to debug my images:


set -xe

kpartx -avs $1
mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt
mount /dev/mapper/loop0p1 /mnt/boot
mount -o bind /proc/ /mnt/proc
mount -o bind /sys/ /mnt/sys
mount -o bind /dev/ /mnt/dev
mount -o bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts
chroot /mnt
umount /mnt/dev/pts
umount /mnt/dev
umount /mnt/proc
umount /mnt/sys
umount /mnt/boot
umount /mnt
dmsetup remove loop0p2
dmsetup remove loop0p1
losetup -d /dev/loop0



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