[Freedombox-discuss] rebooting system from ssh

Nektarios Katakis iam at nektarioskatakis.xyz
Fri Jan 3 23:51:53 GMT 2020

On Fri, 03 Jan 2020 12:06:42 +0000
Nicholas Greensmith via Freedombox-discuss
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> Hey all,
> This is a pretty dumb question but I can't seem to find a command
> like reboot or shutdown when ssh-ing into my freedombox... Trying to
> reboot cause the cockpit interface isn't popping up after login.
> Is there a different command I'm missing?
> Regards,
> Nicholas Greensmith
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The command you re looking for is available only for the root user so
you can do it like `sudo reboot now` or `sudo shutdown now`.

The problem with cockpit interface not showing after login is also
discussed here
Usually the problem is that it needs to be accessed via a domain name
and not ip address.

Hope this helps.

Nektarios Katakis

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