[Freedombox-discuss] product shut down

bob lepley blepley140 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 20:50:58 BST 2021

We purchased our unit last May. It was great for about 8 months, then it would time out and go off about 2 minutes into program. We had to go through sign in process to re-start, then the same. My suspicion is that Comcast has interrupted our service. Our neighbors bought two un.its on our recommendation, and they had the same experience even though their wifi provider is ATT. We receive an error code but it doesn't stay on screen enough for me to copy. I can increase effort if error message would be helpful to resolve problem and get back up and running. I am not tech savvy, so advice you give i would appreciate in step by step layman's terms. We all have tried to contact original sales agent without success, so need help.
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