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Tutanota Sales sales at tutao.de
Wed Apr 14 09:05:16 BST 2021

Hi all,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Your project looks super-awesome and I really wish I had better news for you.

Unfortunately, the project to build a small self-hostable server for Tutanota is a long time into the future. Right now, we are improving the email and calendar clients and it will take a few more years until we are finished with that. So I don't think we can be of any help to you.

Kind regards,

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14 Apr 2021, 09:15 by fioddor at gmail.com:

> El mié, 14 abr 2021 a las 1:30, hjenkins (<> hjenkins at uvic.ca> >) escribió:
>> As of a year ago, Tutanota, a privacy-focussed e-mail service, said:
>>  "The only issue that's left for us to do is to open source the server 
>>  part of Tutanota as well. We plan to develop a small, open source server 
>>  for personal and business use that can be set up easily. As this needs a 
>>  lot of development effort, we can't give an exact estimate as to when 
>>  this feature will be released, but it is definitely on our to-do list." 
>>  ->> https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-source-email/
>>  They use the GPLv3 for their existing open-source client software. So 
>>  this sounds like it might be compatible with FreedomBox. On the other 
>>  hand, Tutanota sells freemium e-mail accounts, and I fear one can't 
>>  really expect people to spend money developing software that might 
>>  compete with themselves, however well it might align with their 
>>  principles.
>>  But it is possible that Tutanota may have code they could contribute, or 
>>  otherwise be interested in collaboration; I've CC'd their sales-contact 
>>  address on this e-mail.
> Thank you. It would be great to exchange information and experiences. 

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