[Freedombox-discuss] myfbx dyndns

Melvin Carvalho melvincarvalho at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 10:59:39 BST 2021

Hi All

I registered the domain myfbx.com in 2012 as 5 char .com's are quite rare
and I thought it might be quite a good one to work with freedombox + dyndns
( e.g. eben.myfbx.com )

I never got a chance to run a dyndns service, but I was reading the page on
DynDNS at


And it seems someone has started one at:


This includes the domains freedombox.rocks and sds-ip.de

I was wondering if there would be interest in adding myfbx.com to the
cause?  I can donate this, hopefully to a trusted provider.  Alternatively,
if it's not too onerous, I may be able to create a dyndns service myself.
I'm actually currently working on autonomous agents for the internet, so if
I could wrap a dyndns service in one, that might be something relatively
feasible for me

As an aside, one thing that really interests me would be a circular economy
of services run by and for freedbomboxes, of which dyndns could be one

So, just leaving this out there in case there's interest in this domain

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